The Impressions(Emus) 320kbps

March 2, 2009


The Impressions on Emus

The Impressions on Emus



There’s not much info out about this Emus label release. It seems like Emus didn’t totally have it’s biz together anyway. Speaking of business, the record store that I purchased this album from is now out of it. CD Game Exchange in Adams Morgan is no more as of a few months ago, not to mention the Circuit City in the shopping center by my home. If I was to shop for records today where would I go?

  Curtom Publishing Company was a business comprised of Curtis Mayfield, and Eddie Thomas, who, along with being the Impressions bus driver, also convinced them to change their name from “The Roosters”. The Impressions also included Jerry Butler, who is now a politician not unlike another musician I revere, and Sam Gooden.

This is definitely a compilation, but all of my digging friends say they haven’t seen it, so here it is.



One Response to “The Impressions(Emus) 320kbps”

  1. Allogenes said

    Props for the dig brovah but it isn’t there anymore. can u re-up?

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